Guidance through the B2B service market

With the Lünendonk rankings and surveys as well as other publications, we provide relevant information from various B2B service sectors. Lünendonk explains complex correlations, analyses different strategies and provides key figures. In doing this, we ensure more transparency in the provider markets and the corresponding customer needs and offer insights for your corporate strategy.


The Lünendonk lists are recognised market barometers and provide a quick overview of the most important players. We continuously focus on six of the service segments with the highest sales. The largest service companies in terms of domestic sales in the B2B service markets we have observed can be found at Lünendonk at a glance.
The rankings are available for free download.

Information Technology

Lünendonk List 2022: Leading mid-size IT Consulting and Systems Integration Companies in Germany

Information Technology

Lünendonk List 2022: Leading IT Consulting and Systems Integration Companies in Germany


Well-founded and detailed insights into B2B service markets can be found in the surveys and other publications by Lünendonk. The comprehensive information research screens the industries 365 days a year. The Lünendonk surveys are among our best-known products. In addition, we create both provider and user surveys, news reports, analyst comments and individual database offers. Our manuals, magazines, white papers and dossiers explain industry-specific correlations regarding important economic topics. Our surveys and publications provide you with relevant insights – across the board or focused on industries and topics.

Lünendonk Survey 2022: Business Consulting in Germany

For more than 30 years, Lünendonk has been monitoring the market for management consulting in Germany. The annual Lünendonk Survey offers a valuable and valid analysis of the German market for management consulting with its comprehensive survey of consulting companies, interviews with experts, and evaluation and classification based on many years of market expertise.


Thomas Ball

Facilites Management & Industrial Maintenance,
Temporary Staffing and HR Services

Jörg Hossenfelder

Business Consulting,
Audit, Tax and Advisory

Lena Singer

IT Freelancer

Mario Zillmann

Information Technology,
Engineering Services & Technology Consulting