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Real Estate Services

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Real Estate Services

Property and real estate services are mainly provided in the background. Facilities and property management services ensure that buildings are maintained and operated efficiently, safely and sustainably. The role of asset management, however, is more strategic to ensure and increase market value by optimising property stewardship and real estate investments.

Real estate consulting provides support for these complex tasks by offering clients advice on strategy, organisation and processes, workplace solutions, ESG or digitisation in real estate management and facility management strategy. Last but not least, site services take care of processes and procedures extending beyond the classical facility services in buildings, business parks and commercial premises.

Competition among service providers is as intense as real estate services are diverse. Success requires having a deeper knowledge of current trends and developments compared to the competition. Our analysis keeps you updated on today’s developments and strategies in the real estate sector; our benchmarks, marketing and sales support aid the development of your business.

The market for real estate services is highly dynamic, with acquisitions and mergers regularly reshaping market conditions. Providers and players in the market are simultaneously facing a variety of challenges. Digitisation, staffing shortages, ESG, workspace management and service portfolio structures are just some of the issues currently affecting property management. While the trends and developments impacting them are similar, the German, Austrian and Swiss markets monitored by Lünendonk all have their own unique features and significant differences. We provide you with specific information and insights not only for our German market of focus, but for the Austrian and Swiss markets as well.


Lünendonk List 2023: Leading Industrial Services Companies in Germany

The Lünendonk List 2023 “Leading Industrial Services Companies in Germany” is a ranking of the leading providers of industrial services in Germany by turnover. In addition to domestic sales, it also includes total sales and the number of staff working in Germany.

Lünendonk List 2023: Leading Security Services Providers in Germany

The Lünendonk List 2023 “Leading Security Services Providers in Germany” is a ranking of the leading providers of security services by revenue. The number of security employees is also listed.

Lünendonk List 2023: Leading Facilities Management Companies in Switzerland

The Lünendonk list “Leading Facilities Management Companies in Switzerland” – a ranking of the ten leading providers of infrastructural and technical facility management in Switzerland, listed by domestic revenue: Available here for free download.

Survey + Presentation

You have the opportunity to have the study results presented by one of our consultants – to a group of your choice. Benefit from our expertise directly on site. In the follow-up, necessary measures for your company can be reviewed and checked for plausibility.
Every presentation has one goal: your market success.


What are the current trends, challenges, and forecasts in real estate services and facilities, and in property and asset management? Our comprehensive Lünendonk Surveys are based on current indicators, enriched with our interpretations and recommendations. Order our latest market analysis and find out more about the players in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.


Thomas Ball


Thomas Ball is your contact for real estate services and property management. If you’re looking for consultancy or have questions around asset, property and facilities management or are interested in our surveys, publications, presentations, lectures or seminars, feel free to get in touch with him directly.


Real Estate Services

Real estate services rank among the most important B2B areas in Germany, with more people employed here than in a range of other sectors. And the market for the stewardship and management of property and buildings is large: external market volume for facilities services in Germany, for example, currently amounts to around 55 billion euros. Real estate services may well often be delivered behind the scenes but they remain of immense economic importance.

Asset management: administering and increasing property wealth

Asset management in the real estate industry relates to services around the customer’s fixed property assets. Services include not only consultancy but also investment decision-making based on real estate investors’ investment strategies, appetite for risk and availability of capital. Targeted courses of action are taken with the goal of increasing the value of the property assets. The real estate asset class can be subdivided into categories such as residential, commercial and special-purpose property based on construction, type of use and quality.

Property management: profit-oriented administration of real estate

Property management is the provision of professional building management services to ensure the profitable stewardship of a real estate asset. The goal is to oversee the building operator’s property portfolio as a business and increase revenues. Property managers thus always have an eye on recurring costs and capital expended.

Facilities management: a heterogeneous range of services

The facilities services market is highly heterogeneous. Services offered can be allocated to one of the three classic pillars of facilities management: infrastructural, technical and commercial facilities management. Building cleaning is the most important area of work, followed by building technology maintenance and security and guard services. But the portfolios of buildings services providers also include accommodation services, smart buildings concepts and corporate real estate management services. Lünendonk has been monitoring the German facilities services market since 2003. Our market research institute has also been surveying clients in facilities management for a number of years, providing a comprehensive overview of the market.

Trends: integrated and user-centred services, skilled staff shortages, sustainability, digitisation, volatility

The structure of the market for real estate services and asset, property and facilities management is constantly evolving. Key trends in the sector are integrated facilities management, digitisation, ESG, user-centred FM, staffing shortages and volatility. In the face of the vast range of developments, demand for external real estate consulting expertise to address FM consulting, ESG services, integrated workspace management systems (IWMS), site services, property life cycle and life cycle solutions issues is increasing.