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Leading Industrial Services Companies in Germany

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The Lünendonk List 2023 ‘Leading Industrial Services Companies in Germany’ is a ranking of the leading providers of industrial services in Germany by revenue. In addition to domestic revenue, it also includes total revenue and the number of staff working in Germany.

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The Lünendonk® List 2023 ‘Leading Industrial Services Companies in Germany’

  • provides a ranking of the 20 leading providers of industrial services by revenue

  • offers an overview of the players in the German market for industrial services, setting out not only domestic but also total revenue as well as current staffing numbers

  • highlights separately companies that generate a significant proportion of their revenue from customers within the manufacturing industry

  • is an excerpt from the Lünendonk® Survey 2023 “Industrial Services Companies in Germany”, available in German language.

The twenty leading industrial services companies in Germany grew by 8.5 percent in 2022. Key factors were rebound and pricing effects as well as higher material prices. In view of the significant shortage in personnel and the uncertain economic situation, organizations are increasingly relying on flexible staffing in the form of temporary and freelance workers. The top 20 are reducing the size of their permanent workforce by an average of 0.9 percent.

Looking ahead, the service companies expect further revenue growth of 6.5 to 7.5 percent per year and are slightly more positive about the future. A minority of businesses express skepticism in their expectations of the economic situation. The majority see themselves as generally well positioned, even in view of the challenges in the market. These are the findings of the new Lünendonk List and the Lünendonk Survey Industrial Services Companies in Germany, which features numerous indicators along with analysis of current issues and trends. The survey (in German) was published in September 2023 and can be ordered here.

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Criteria for inclusion in this list:

At least 50 percent of domestic revenue generated via industrial services (maintenance services within the meaning of DIN 31051, plant and machine cleaning, scaffolding, pipeline construction, etc. in both the process and manufacturing industries, excluding plant construction, software sales or energy management/energy supply services. No OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) or industrial parks, no power plant services. At least 66 percent of revenue results from external business.

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The Lünendonk® Survey 2023 “Industrial Services Companies in Germany” contains numerous long-term and segment analyses, including in-depth examinations of the market environment in the manufacturing industry. The detailed survey included 29 service providers.

The latest edition of the survey (in German) was published in September 2023 and can be ordered here.


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