Our analyses provide relevant information for the largest German B2B service markets

The analysis and evaluation of six major service markets makes us what we are: The information and transformation experts for B2B services. We provide you with detailed insights and support you with analyses, presentations, training and seminars.


Digital & IT
Business Consulting
Audit, Tax and Advisory
Real Estate Services
Staffing Industry


Thanks to our Lünendonk expertise, we are able to support you in all phases of decision-making processes: Analysis, Decision, Action and Measurement. Based on our ADAM methodology, we guide you into a successful future.

B2B service markets

Market research and consulting for B2B service markets (business-to-business) are the expertise of Lünendonk & Hossenfelder. For almost four decades, our company has been analysing and supporting European B2B service markets, their market participants, their customers and target groups. Business-to-business services are often run behind the scenes. Nevertheless, they are of immense importance when it comes to keeping the economy productive, efficient and sustainable. The market volumes and the associated economic importance speak for themselves.

Overview of analysed B2B service markets

Lünendonk reliably provides resilient information about B2B service markets and derives insights from this for companies. We achieve this through many years of experience, in-depth know-how, an excellent network and, last but not least, thanks to our passion for market research and people. Because the following is especially true in the service market: people make business.

Lünendonk market research focuses on the following industries:

  • Digital & IT
  • Business Consulting
  • Audit, Tax and Advisory
  • Real Estate Services
  • Staffing Industry

The B2B service segments analysed by Lünendonk & Hossenfelder are of great economic importance. According to the latest available figures, the market volume of the six industries under consideration amounts to over 200 billion euros in annual sales in Germany.

Lünendonk® Rankings and Surveys: Recognised market barometers

Anyone who would like to get an overview of the most important players in the B2B service markets in Germany cannot ignore the Lünendonk® Lists. The rankings are recognised as market barometers and reflect market developments in some of the largest service segments. The Lünendonk® Lists are each an excerpt of the annual, comprehensive market surveys with numerous key figures as well as assessments of current topics and trends.