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Our consulting services at a glance:



Market Potential

Where can service companies still grow organically at a disproportionately high rate? A Market Potential analysis by Lünendonk supports your successful corporate development with figures, data and facts.



Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important for the successful management of a company. Compare your KPIs with those of relevant competitors on a cumulative, anonymous basis and improve your position.


Provider Structure

B2B service markets are extremely heterogeneous. The companies have different focuses and strengths. Lünendonk provider surveys offer orientation for contractors and clients alike.


Customer Structure

Procurement processes are strongly influenced by industries and regions. Both service providers and clients use Lünendonk user surveys to identify similarities and differences.


Customer Satisfaction

The special thing about our Customer Satisfaction analysis is that we are not only familiar with the survey technique, but also with the market. We speak the language of the customers and show optimisation potentials.


Perception, Positioning

This analysis includes both your own view of your company and that of existing and target customers. By comparing your own image and the image of others, we derive concrete recommendations for action.



Analyst Call

An analyst interview with Lünendonk offers quick, efficient orientation. You will receive a well-prepared assessment of your company, your product ideas and go-to-market strategies.


All Lünendonk consultants are trained in rhetoric and presentation techniques. Book us as a moderator for your event. We turn insights into B2B services into an experience.

Presentation, Keynote

You want to inform yourself and others about B2B service markets? A lecture or keynote is an ideal basis for condensing current topics and trends, because service markets are our passion.

Market Consulting

For the target group-specific planning of marketing and sales activities, companies need information about market and customer segments. Our Market Consulting provides valid information about demand structures, competitors and growth potentials.

Company Support

Company Support is the ideal solution for companies that do not want to waste time on long processes. What does that mean? We contribute our know-how directly. Only additionally required data will be researched. The maximisation of customer benefit takes effect immediately. Lünendonk successfully guides your company into the future.



Strategy Workshop

The Strategy Workshop is a reflection of situations, perspectives, goals, opportunities and restrictions. It is about answering the question of which topics are relevant for the success of your company and which options and measures can be derived from this. In this process, targets and self-imposed goals are reviewed and adjusted.


Content Architecture

In communication, it is becoming increasingly important to identify the right topics at an early stage and to prepare them in a way that is appropriate for the target group. Using our annual 365-day analysis, we anticipate trends in the B2B services markets at an early stage. Use our market research and consulting expertise for your sales and marketing activities.


Sales Training

The Lünendonk Sales Training is based on your existing and target customers. It leads directly to sales success. Do you want to understand where new or additional potential can be tapped for you and your company? Our sales training does without lengthy, theoretical treatises and goes straight into practice.




This compact lab is aimed at career starters and career changers. As an employer, you achieve a fast learning curve in terms of industry expertise. As part of your Onboarding program, we manage to teach your new colleagues market developments, customer needs and competitive situations in an understandable way.


Market Orientation

As part of this Lünendonk workshop, previously defined content from market analyses is presented and jointly evaluated. The orientation workshop is not just a pure survey presentation, but also a reflection of situations, perspectives, goals, opportunities and restrictions.


Survey Presentation

You have the opportunity to have the survey results presented by one of our consultants – to a group of your choice. Benefit from our expertise directly on site. Afterwards, necessary measures for your company can be reviewed and checked for plausibility. Every presentation has one goal: your market success.



Lünendonk Consulting Circle (LCC)

The Lünendonk® Consulting Circle – LCC for short – is aimed at decision-makers for and buyers of strategic management consulting. The event takes place twice a year. The event offers the participants information and a continuous exchange of experiences on current developments and trends in Business Consulting. Under the moderation of Lünendonk, the participants exchange specific topics and best practices in small groups. In addition, external speakers give an insight into current issues.


Lünendonk Competence Board (LCB)

The Lünendonk® Competence Board – LCB for short – serves the continuous exchange of information among decision-makers for and buyers of IT Consulting and IT Services. The members meet twice a year – moderated by Lünendonk – to establish a high-quality transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience. Specialist lectures, discussions and exchanges on specific issues provide buyers with impulses for optimised collaboration with IT consultants and IT services.


Lünendonk Centre Facilities Management (LFM)

The Lünendonk® Centre Facilities Management – LFM for short – serves the continuous exchange of information between buyers and decision-makers for Facility Services. Using this forum, users and providers can expand their knowledge tank. The participants meet twice a year in a selected group moderated by Lünendonk for intensive knowledge transfer, exchange of experience and networking. The experience gained is applied in the user companies as a basis for argumentation and decision-making.

Lünendonk Summit futureREAL

Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management are increasingly confronted with disruptive change processes such as climate change, digitisation and more complex working and living environments. The annual Lünendonk®-Summit futureREAL brings together the Real Estate and FM industry, politics, research and development as well as other protagonists of the industry for a co- creative exchange on crucial future issues of real estate use. Impulse lectures, discussion forums and lab sessions offer participants the opportunity to use the collective intelligence of the community and to discuss current challenges in small groups.


Thomas Ball

Facilites Management & Industrial Maintenance,
Temporary Staffing and HR Services

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Business Consulting,
Audit, Tax and Advisory

Lena Singer

IT Freelancer

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Information Technology,
Engineering Services & Technology Consulting


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