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Business Consulting

The German market for Business Consulting is developing extremely dynamically. That is because nowadays different service companies such as IT consultants, system integrators or auditing companies are pushing into the consulting market. This increases the complexity. Lünendonk creates orientation and transparency through surveys, lectures and benchmarks. We inform you about trends such as digital transformation, big data and Industry 4.0. Our independent Lünendonk® rankings and surveys provide important information for successfully positioning yourself in the consultancy market and making strategic decisions.

First-hand market information: Lünendonk continuously examines the Business Consulting market. The analyses and surveys of experts on the company side provide you with reliable and relevant information for your business. Strategy topics such as growth opportunities and the recruitment of qualified consultants are just as much a major challenge in the consultancy market as the specialist topics digital transformation and internationalisation.


Lünendonk List 2022: Leading Business Consulting Companies in Germany

The Lünendonk List 2022 “Leading Business Consulting Companies in Germany” is a ranking of the leading business consulting firms in Germany. The consulting firms are presented with their turnover and employee figures. Learn more about the players in this dynamic market!

Survey + Presentation

You have the opportunity to have the survey results presented by one of our consultants – to a group of your choice. Benefit from our expertise directly on site. Afterwards, necessary measures for your company can be reviewed and checked for plausibility.
Every presentation has one goal: your market success.


How is the Business Consulting market developing? What are the current trends, challenges and forecasts? Current key figures form the basis of the comprehensive Lünendonk surveys, refined by our interpretation and recommendations. Order our latest market analysis and find out more about the players in the German market.


Jörg Hossenfelder

Managing Partner

Jörg Hossenfelder is a managing partner and your contact in the field of business consulting, auditing, tax and advisory, corporate finance and legal advice. If you need advice on surveys, publications, benchmarks, moderations, workshops or seminars, please contact him directly.


The market for Business Consulting

The German market for Business Consulting is one of the largest in the world, with a volume of more than 30 billion euros in sales and over 150,000 consultants. Numerous national and international consulting companies are active in Germany to support clients in a wide range of issues. The market for Business Consulting is developing extremely dynamically. Since the financial market crisis and the following economic crisis, the companies operating in this field have in many cases experienced double-digit annual growth – this strong growth was abruptly curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the consultants coped with the Corona crisis in different ways. Changing client needs, rapid technological change, as well as societal developments and uncertainty in the business environment, are triggering significant demand for consulting services from clients. And in the future, these services will be provided with less presence at the customers – this requires new soft skills among the consultants.

Business Consulting: Complex market structure

The provider market in Germany is very diverse and complex. In addition to large international consulting companies and medium-sized German consulting firms, a large number of small companies are active in Business Consulting. In addition, various service companies such as IT consultants, system integrators or auditing companies are now entering the consulting market. The boundaries between Business and IT Consulting are becoming increasingly blurred.

Lünendonk: Decades of expertise in the BC market

Lünendonk has been analysing the Business Consulting market since the mid-1980s and has been publishing rankings and surveys on the BC industry for around 30 years. Today, our analyses cover all topics related to provider structure, positioning, relevant technologies and developments in the consulting portfolio as well as customer demand.

Future demand for consulting driven by automation and individualisation

Which megatrends will drive the demand for consulting in the future? It can be assumed that in particular the greater use of data and thus automation, the improvement in the agility and responsiveness of companies to the VUCA world, and the greater customer orientation and individualisation of products and services will keep demand for Business Consulting services high. The consulting market will recover quickly from the COVID-19 impact.