Lünendonk Seal


The Lünendonk Seal stands for a proven relevant size in a B2B service market. With the Lünendonk Seal, companies placed on the Lünendonk List can effectively communicate their positioning in this independent, neutral and complete industry ranking both internally and externally.

For example, B2B service companies are able to use the award for strong positioning with existing and new customers, (potential) employees and the media. The Lünendonk Seal helps to achieve high visibility as a relevant player in the market. It is based on the high reputation of the Lünendonk Lists and Surveys, which are recognised as neutral industry barometers.



Thomas Ball

Real Estate Services

Tobias Ganowski

Digital & IT:
IT Sourcing

Jörg Hossenfelder

Business Consulting,
Audit, Tax and Advisory

Lena Singer

Staffing Industry

Mario Zillmann

Digital & IT:
IT Services, Digital Engineering,
Digital Experience Services