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Facilities Management & Industrial Maintenance

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Facilities Management & Industrial Maintenance

Services within real estate and production run predominantly in the background. The customer usually only becomes aware when something is not working. This is not enough, because facility services as well as maintenance and repair contribute to company safety, work efficiency and well-being.

In addition, occupational accidents and production losses are decreasing. Competition among service providers is enormous. If you want to be successful, you need to be ahead of the competition in terms of current trends and developments. We inform you with our analyses about the current developments and strategies of the industry and support your company development with benchmarks, marketing and sales support.

The ranking of the top 25 service providers in the field of Facilities Management and Industrial Maintenance has been reorganised by several acquisitions. The top positions are held by Apleona, Spie and Wisag. The biggest challenges to take on large contracts are the provision of sufficient staff in the areas of technology, cleaning and service. We provide you with information on the latest developments and sales in the industry and explain the most important drivers of growth.


Lünendonk List 2022: Leading Industrial Services Companies in Germany

The Lünendonk List 2022 “Leading Industrial Services Companies in Germany” is a ranking of the leading providers of industrial services in Germany by turnover. In addition to domestic sales, it also includes total sales and the number of staff working in Germany.

Lünendonk List 2022: Leading Facilities Management Companies in Germany

The Lünendonk List 2022 “Leading Facilities Management Companies in Germany” – a ranking of the 25 leading providers of infrastructural and technical facility management in Germany, listed by domestic turnover. Download now for free!

Lünendonk List 2021: Leading Facilities Management Companies in Switzerland

The Lünendonk list “Leading Facilities Management Companies in Switzerland” – a ranking of the ten leading providers of infrastructural and technical facility management in Switzerland, listed by domestic revenue: Available here for free download.

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What are the current trends, challenges, and forecasts? Current key figures form the basis of the comprehensive Lünendonk surveys, refined by our interpretation and recommendations. Order our latest market analysis and find out more about the players in the German market.


Thomas Ball


Thomas Ball is your contact in the field of Facilities Management & Industrial Maintenance. If you need advice on surveys, publications, presentations, lectures or seminars, please contact him directly.


Facilities Management & Industrial Maintenance

Facilities Management is one of the most important B2B services in Germany and one of the sectors with the highest employment. And this market for the administration and management of buildings as well as their technical facilities and equipment is large: The external market volume currently amounts to around 55 billion euros. Even though Facilities Management services are often carried out in the shadows, they are of immense importance. Facility services as well as industrial maintenance and repair contribute to the safety, work efficiency and well-being of employees in companies and ensure the framework conditions for a safe and functioning production and workplace.

Facilities Management: Heterogeneous range of services

Lünendonk has been observing the German Facility Service market since 2003. In addition, our market research institute has also been surveying clients in Facilities Management for a number of years, thereby gaining a comprehensive insight into the market. The Facility Services market is very heterogeneous. Per capita sales, return on sales and the number of employees required vary depending on the type of service. The individual trades are assigned to the three classic pillars of Facilities Management: infrastructural, technical and commercial Facilities Management. Building cleaning is the most important trade, followed by maintenance of building technology and security and guard services.

Industrial Maintenance: Active in the manufacturing and process industry

The Industrial Service – the maintenance of production facilities in industry – has a market volume of between 20 and 30 billion euros, depending on the source. It includes industrial services in accordance with DIN 31051 (inspection/diagnosis, maintenance, restoration/repair, optimisation), system and machine cleaning, scaffolding and pipeline construction for industrial companies. Lünendonk divides the industrial sectors into two categories: the process industry, which uses chemical processes to convert source materials into raw materials for further processing, and the manufacturing industry, which as part of the manufacturing industry assembles and manufactures finished products from raw materials.

Trends: market consolidation, shortage of skilled workers, sustainability, digitalisation

The market structure in Facilities Management is continuously evolving. Accelerating market consolidation and the trend towards multi-services and integrated services are blurring the boundaries with neighbouring service markets such as Industrial Services. In addition to market consolidation, key trends include structural staff shortages, increasing demand for green facility services, and digitalisation. There are also indications that the market for maintenance of production facilities in the manufacturing industry could merge with facility services.