Lünendonk White Paper 2021

Quo Vadis, Data Center?
Between growth and regulation

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What challenges does the location search for data centres pose and what contribution do facility service companies make to efficient management?
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In the white paper “Quo Vadis, Data Center? Between growth and regulation” you will learn more about the following contents:

  • Attractiveness of locations away from the big nodes

  • Power grid and regional price structures

  • Increasing the sustainability of data centres

  • Management

  • Land application

The continuing boom in data centres and their now high relevance for the global economy complicate the search for locations. In addition to the proximity to internet nodes and the increasingly scarce space there, the availability of electricity and the spatial proximity to consumers of waste heat are now just as important factors in the search for a location as the capacity limits in the backbone fibre-optic lines.

In cooperation with CBRE, Lünendonk has for the first time compiled the main challenges in the search for a location and the contribution of facility service companies to efficient management in a white paper.

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What to expect

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Your points of contact

Thomas Ball

Partner, Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH

„For the siting of data centres, the management concept is also becoming more important. The acceptance of a data centre is now also increasingly related to sustainability and, in the future, also to the productive use of waste heat in order to increase the social acceptance of data centres – both at the municipal level and among the general public. This further increases the relevance of professional and future-oriented facility management.“

Anna Klaft

Business Development Managerin DACH, CBRE GWS IFM Industrie GmbH

„For about five years, a significant increase in so-called edge data centres, which are placed close to where data originates, has been observed. By 2025, the share of data volume stored and processed in edge data centres could rise to 75 percent. However, this development is not an alternative to the large data centres, but a supplement.“

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