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Temporary Staffing & HR Services

Do you need valid data and relevant insights on the leading service providers for Temporary Staffing and HR Services? We evaluate and illustrate current trends, company potential and economic developments in the Temporary Staffing and HR Services market. Stay up to date and learn how companies in the industry deal with issues such as equal pay, service contracts, labour contracts and temporary staffing.

Agile, dynamic and variable: Temporary Staffing and HR Services are among the most important service markets for entrepreneurial flexibility in Germany. Regulatory changes create restrictions, but also new opportunities for quality services. Flexibility continues to gain in importance. Lünendonk continuously analyses the market for temporary Staffing and HR Services and in this way ensures more transparency in the provider markets.


Lünendonk List 2022: Leading Temporary Staffing Businesses in Germany

The Lünendonk List of the 25 Leading Temporary Staffing Businesses is a renowned ranking of the leading service providers in Germany by domestic turnover. It has been published annually for more than 20 years and is based on primary data collection.

Lünendonk List 2021: Leading Providers of Engineering Services in Germany

The Lünendonk List 2021 “Leading Providers of Engineering Services in Germany” provides a ranking of the 15 leading providers of engineering services in Germany by turnover. It offers an overview of the leading players in the German market for engineering services, cataloguing not only turnover but also current staffing numbers.

Survey + Presentation

You have the opportunity to have the survey results presented by one of our consultants – to a group of your choice. Benefit from our expertise directly on site. Afterwards, necessary measures for your company can be reviewed and plausibility checked for plausibility.
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The use of services in the area of personnel placement and recruitment is a good opportunity for many companies to deploy personnel flexibly and in line with their needs. The provider market, however, is very heterogeneous. Do you want to make the right decisions for your company on the basis of reliable figures, data and facts? With our analyses we present an annual ranking of the leading providers in the German market for Temporary Staffing and HR Services. Feel free to contact us and request detailed information on the current trends in the industry.


Thomas Ball


Thomas Ball is your contact in the field of Facilities Management & Industrial Maintenance. If you need advice on surveys, publications, presentations, lectures or seminars, please contact him directly.

Lena Singer


Lena Singer is your contact person in the field of the IT Freelancer, Temporary Staffing and HR services market segment. If you need advice on surveys, publications, moderation, workshops or seminars, please contact her directly.


The market for Temporary Staffing and HR Services

The market for Temporary Staffing and HR Services in Germany is characterised by many thousands of small and medium-sized companies that are often highly specialised: on a region, on the placement of special qualifications or on a specific customer industry. The volume of the total market for Temporary Staffing is more than 30 billion euros in Germany. The industry serves as an early indicator for economic fluctuations in the labour market and has an important economic buffer function here. Temporary Staffing companies are usually affected not only by crises but also by the subsequent upswing at a very early stage.

Temporary Staffing: Multidimensional range of services

The range of services offered by Temporary Staffing and HR Service providers results in a diverse industry that provides its customers with different personnel solutions. Differences are already apparent in the remuneration groups offered and the sectors served. In addition to Temporary Staffing, which accounts for the highest average sales by far, permanent placement, project business, outsourcing and managed services play a significant role. The range of services can also be segmented according to the type of staff leased; common criteria are, for example, industrial helpers, skilled workers or personnel for office work. Industry (including the automotive industry) is by far the most important customer sector for Temporary Staffing, followed by transport and logistics and trade.

Challenges: Regulatory issues, staff shortages, maximum temporary staffing periods

Demographic change and the high demand for qualified skilled workers are a major challenge for the industry. The great pressure on prices and profitability in the market increases the pressure on companies to introduce and establish efficient processes. In addition, the industry is characterised and unsettled by increasing regulation at short intervals and the effects of the reform of the Temporary Employment Act. Lünendonk has been analysing the market for Temporary Staffing and HR Services for more than two decades. In addition, our company is also investigating the markets for IT Freelancers and Engineering Services, which have increasingly blurred with Temporary Staffing since the TEA (Temporary Employment Act) reform.