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Leading Temporary Staffing Businesses in Germany

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The Lünendonk® List 2022 “Leading Temporary Staffing Businesses in Germany” is a ranking of the leading providers of personnel services with a focus on temporary agency staffing.

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The Lünendonk® List 2022 „Leading Temporary Staffing Businesses in Germany“

  • provides a ranking of the 25 leading providers of personnel services by turnover, with a focus on temporary agency staffing

  • offers an overview of the players in the German market for temporary staffing, listing turnover alongside numbers of staff working internally as well as on customer assignments

  • is an excerpt from the Lünendonk® Survey 2022 “Temporary Staffing Businesses in Germany” which was published at the end of June 2022.

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The market for temporary staffing in Germany is growing significantly in 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic and supply chain problems. All 25 leading service providers increased sales in 2021 compared with the previous year. This is the first time since the financial and economic crisis that all 25 leading companies have recorded growth. The last time this was achieved was in the fiscal year 2011, with sales increasing by an average of 20.9 percent in 2021 compared with 2020. The previous year saw a decline of 16.4 percent on average.

Around half of the listed companies have returned to or exceeded the turnover level of 2019 – and thus the level before the Corona-related crisis. The cumulative turnover of the top 25 in 2021, at around €9,326 million, is only around 2 percentage points below the pre-crisis level of 2019 (€9,554 million). Due to the high proportion of short-time workers in 2020, the number of internal and external employees will not increase as significantly as turnover.

More information and details on the top 10 service providers can be found in our press release.

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Inclusion criteria for the List

The ranking features companies that generate more than 50 per cent of their turnover from temporary agency staffing, with over 50 per cent of their turnover from external work. These criteria ensure that the Lünendonk® List represents the market for temporary staffing without major distortions. Market-relevant temporary staffing businesses that do not meet the criteria are shown in a subranking.

The Lünendonk® List is an excerpt from our comprehensive annual market survey, containing numerous indicators and analysis of current issues and trends. The survey was released at the end of June 2022 and is available to order here. It is based on information provided by 82 temporary staffing businesses (previous year: 83). Survey data is based on information from both market leaders as well as mid-sized temporary staffing businesses. In addition to commentary, the study also provides graphical presentation of the results, numerous segment analyses, a list of turnover and staffing numbers for the companies included and a one-year subscription to our ad-free newsletter, bringing together the most important information on the temporary staffing market on a regular basis.

Access the survey

The Lünendonk® Survey “Temporary Staffing Businesses in Germany” contains graphical analysis of all the results from our poll of temporary staffing businesses, along with commentary and context based on our years of market monitoring.

The latest edition of the survey was published at the end of June 2022 and is available for order here.


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