Lünendonk Whitepaper 2022

Hyperpersonalization in commerce

How technology paves the way for individualized customer approaches in real time


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How do trading companies deal with the digital transformation and what challenges arise in the process?

Lünendonk and KPS will give you the answers.

In the white paper “Hyperpersonalization in retail – how technology paves the way for individualized customer approaches in real time” you will find out more about the following content:

  • The impact of digital transformation for customer interaction
  • Requirements and fields of action for digital experience in commerce
  • The relevance of data and requirements for data management
  • Investments to build digital and data-driven business models
  • External service providers in the digital transformation

Data is not only the basis for a personalized and individualized customer approach, but also increasingly part of the business model. While some trading companies are focusing on further developing their business in an evolutionary way, towards linking online and offline (omnichannel), other trading companies are turning to a platform-based business model and opening to new market players (ecosystem). In both cases, data is the key and paves the way for a high customer experience and hyper-personalization. However, to successfully follow this path and sustainably benefit from it, some challenges must be overcome.

The white paper focuses on how trading companies are dealing with the digital transformation and how data can be used to increase customer satisfaction and achieve competitive differentiation.

Publication date: 9 August 2022 | Language: English | PDF | free of charge

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What to expect

Cover hyperpersonalization

Download the white paper now!


Philipp Krueger

 Partner, KPS AG

“The pandemic tremendously increased the pressure on trading companies efforts at digitization – with the loss of stationary trade, the digitization touchpoints moved into focus.”

Mario Zillmann

Partner, Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH

„Data is the key to greater competitive differentiation and customer orientation. Personalization is not a new topic in retail for a long time, but the linking of various modern technologies opens up completely new possibilities in customer interaction.“

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