Lünendonk Survey 2022

The market for Digital Experience Services in Germany

Strategies, developments & trends for more customer centricity and digital experience from service provider and user perspective

Digital Experience Services Germany

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Figures, data and facts on the market for digital experience services from the perspective of leading service providers and user companies.

The Lünendonk® Survey 2022 „The market for Digital Experience Services in Germany“ provides information on the following topics:

  • The leading providers of digital experience services in Germany
  • Forms of cooperation between service providers and client companies in digitalisation projects
  • Goals and strategies of client companies in digital transformation
  • Challenges on the way to digital and data-based business models
  • Measures to build digital customer journeys and the importance of digital technologies for the digital experience
  • Technology trends 2022 versus 2025
  • Strategies for project implementation in the tight skilled labour market

The relevance of digital transformation has increased enormously in the B2B and B2C segments since the outbreak of the Corona crisis. In fact, according to Lünendonk research, it is by far the most important strategic field for the period up to 2025 – alongside equally important topics such as sustainability, innovations and growth. The reason is obvious: In the Corona pandemic, companies experienced how digitalization can not only help them achieve efficiency and cost advantages, but also sell products, support transaction processing through integrated customer portals and platforms, or even create new forms of collaboration with other companies in the sense of the digital platform economy. Customer centricity and digital experience are the order of the day for a successful customer experience.

The big task for companies in the future is now to manage the explosion of communication channels, to harness the comprehensive knowledge gained from customer data, and to make the entire customer dialog more personal and individual. The need and pressure to invest is therefore high.

The Lünendonk Survey analyzes how companies are preparing for the digital transformation, which topics they will focus on in the coming years, and what role IT service providers, consultancies, and digital agencies will play. Likewise, the leading service providers in the digital experience service segment are revealed in the Lünendonk list.

What to expect

Download the survey now!

Figures, data and facts on the market for digital experience services from the perspective of leading service providers and user companies.


Lünendonk analyzed 26 leading digital agencies as well as IT and management consultancies that meet the Lünendonk criteria for a provider of digital experience services (DXS).

In addition to examining and analyzing the provider market, 127 user companies from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) were also surveyed. Both executives and decision-makers from IT and from the business (including marketing, strategy department, sales) were interviewed for this study. The user companies surveyed represent a broad cross-section of branches: Industry, trade and financial services are the main sectors.

The Lünendonk® Survey was realized in cooperation with Adesso, Plan.Net, Reply and Valtech.


Thomas Reimer Adesso

Thomas Reimer

Area Manager Customer Experience Management (CXM), adesso SE

“Customer data is the hub of consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints that drive sustainable customer value.”

Faecks Plan.net

Wolf Ingomar Faecks

CEO Serviceplan Group SE, Plan.Net Group and The Marcom Engine

“By taking the technology landscape to the next level, we can align performance management with the customer journey to optimize touchpoints.”

Dr. Thomas Hartmann

Executive Partner, Reply Germany SE

„AI is having a significant impact on the digital experience of the future, enabling us to target customers more individually, make more accurate predictions, and respond more agilely to market movements.”

Christopher Wieduwilt

Christopher Wieduwilt

Web3 Product Strategist, Valtech GmbH

“The Metaverse is the perfect environment to enrich physical experiences with AR, for example, to enhance the customer experience and deepen customer relationships.”

Mario Zillmann

Partner, Lünendonk & Hossenfelder

„Digital and customer experience are experiencing strong demand right now, so a corresponding amount of budget is going into those topics.”