Lünendonk Survey 2022

Business Consulting in Germany

Business Consulting Germany

The Lünendonk® Survey 2022 „Business Consulting in Germany“ offers:

  • Key figures for the business consultancies market, such as sales and number of employees, but also developments, current topics and trends
  • All results of the comprehensive survey of 70 consulting companies, contained as a graphical evaluation, commented and classified on the basis of many years of market observation
  • Answers to a wide range of relevant questions on market developments, customers, challenges and technologies
  • An overview of what will happen in the business consulting market in the future – supporting you in your strategic planning or selecting your service partners
  • The Lünendonk® List 2022 “Leading Business Consulting Companies in Germany”: a ranking of the 20 largest German business consulting firms in terms of total revenue, and secondly the largest management consultancies operating in Germany in terms of global consulting revenue.

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The Lünendonk® Survey 2022 “Business Consulting in Germany” is based on the information provided by 70 business consultancies operating in Germany, and offers a comprehensive and valid analysis of the German consulting market.

The survey was published in August 2022 and is available in English and German language – order your copy now!

For more than 30 years, Lünendonk has been monitoring the market for management consulting in Germany. The annual Lünendonk Survey offers a valuable and valid analysis of the German market for management consulting with its comprehensive survey of consulting companies, interviews with experts, and evaluation and classification based on many years of market expertise.

The study is aimed at business consulting companies, market observers, scientists, associations and politics. In addition to the information on market developments, it allows a detailed benchmarking against companies with similar market positioning. To support competitive monitoring, it contains a list of all companies, including sales and their respective number of employees. Further information can be found in our press release.

Price: 2,200.00 euros plus VAT (19 %)

Publication date: 4. August 2022 | Language: English | PDF | including 12 issues of Lünendonk® News Report “Consultants in Competition”.

What to expect

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Publication date: 4. August 2022 | Language: English | PDF | including 12 issues of Lünendonk® News Report “Consultants in Competition” | Price: 2,200.00 euros plus VAT (19 %)

Our consultants are available to present the findings from our study to a group of your choice. Make the most of our expertise right on site. Afterwards, we can review necessary and actionable steps for your own organisation. Our presentations have one simple goal – your company’s success in the market. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.


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