Lünendonk Survey 2021

The Market for Digital Experience Services in Germany

Strategies, developments & trends for more customer centricity and digital experience from a service provider and user perspective

digital experience services Germany

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Figures, data and facts on the market for digital experience services from the perspective of leading service providers and user companies.

The Lünendonk® Survey 2021 “The Market for Digital Experience Services in Germany” provides information on the following topics:

  • The leading providers of digital experience services in Germany
  • Forms of cooperation between service providers and client companies in digitalisation projects
  • Corona’s influence on digital transformation and the platform economy
  • Goals and strategies of client companies in digital transformation
  • Challenges on the way to digital and data-based business models
  • Measures to build digital customer journeys and the importance of digital technologies for the digital experience
  • Investment plans of client companies

The Corona pandemic has driven digitalisation – and sustainably so. Two-thirds of the user companies surveyed assume that the digital progress made so far will become established throughout the company. In particular, the companies surveyed have invested in the digitalisation of their marketing and sales channels as well as in the organisational transformation towards an agile and cross-divisional organisation.

Although the digital experience is seen as a key element in winning and retaining customers, the majority of companies (65%) see the quality of their digital experience as only “on par” with the competition. Only every tenth company (9%) sees itself as a pioneer. The need and pressure to invest is therefore high. The Lünendonk study analyses how user companies are preparing for the digital transformation, which topics they will focus on in the coming years and what role IT service providers, consultancies and digital agencies will play. Likewise, the leading service providers in the digital experience service segment are shown in the Lünendonk list.

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Lünendonk analysed 26 leading digital agencies as well as IT and management consultancies that fulfil the Lünendonk criteria for a provider of digital experience services (DXS).

In addition to examining and analysing the provider market, 108 user companies from the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) were also surveyed. Executives and decision-makers from IT as well as from business (including marketing, strategy department, sales) were interviewed for this study. The user companies surveyed represent a broad cross-section of industries: Industry, trade and financial services are the main sectors.

The Lünendonk® Survey was carried out in cooperation with Plan.Net, Reply and Valtech.

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Christian Waitzinger

Chief Experience Officer, Plan.Net

“A good user experience can make the difference – especially in interaction with marketing and brand, attractive storytelling and emotional content. This is how we create special, memorable moments for consumers and a coherent, differentiating brand experience.”

Dr. Thomas Hartmann

Executive Partner, Reply Deutschland SE

“The future belongs to networked shopping combined with surprising shopping experiences. And such experiences can only be created through an optimal dovetailing of digital and stationary approaches. Shopping has to function as one and be fun.”

Uwe Tüben Valtech

Uwe Tüben

Managing Director, Valtech

“The platform economy rules the internet: the big platforms collect vast amounts of data, use it for advertising and make smaller players dependent. Together with our client IDM, we have therefore developed our own platform.”

Mario Zillmann

Partner, Lünendonk & Hossenfelder

“To market products or services via digital channels, it is not enough to design the front end. Rather, users place high demands on process quality and the associated user experience. The intuitive start-up of products, updates, the use of online portals as well as continuous information, sales and after-sales processes are nowadays core elements of a successful marketing and sales strategy.”