Lünendonk List 2024

Leading Business Consulting Companies in Germany

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The Lünendonk® List 2024 “Leading Business Consulting Companies in Germany” is a ranking of the leading business consulting companies in Germany. The consulting companies are presented with their respective total revenue and number of employees.

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The Lünendonk® List 2024 “Leading Business Consulting Companies in Germany”

  • is a ranking of the 20 leading consulting firms whose share capital is mainly located in Germany (top 20 German consultancies)

  • lists the international consulting groups that generate significant revenues of more than 50 million euros in Germany from management consulting services, but are headquartered abroad – first time as top 20

  • provides an overview of the players in the German market with their respective revenue and head counts for both 2023 and 2022

  • is an excerpt from the Lünendonk® Survey 2024 “Business Consulting in Germany” which will be published in July 2024 in German language and which can be pre-ordered here.

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The German management consultancies increased their revenues by an average of 12.5 per cent in 2023, and international ones by 8.4 per cent. For the current 2024 financial year, the German top 20 expect average revenue growth of 10.9 per cent, while the international consultants forecast 9.4 per cent. This trend of vigorous growth is likely to continue until 2028. Lünendonk’s latest industry ranking also shows that the investment by private equity funds as well as increasing market consolidation are having an impact on the German business consulting market.

According to the German Association of Management Consultancies (BDU), the German management consultancy market grew to €46.7 billion in 2023 (+6.9%; 2022: €43.7 billion). Despite the current geopolitical and economic challenges, the BDU expects market volume in Germany to rise to €51.5 billion in the 2024 financial year.

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Background information about this Lünendonk® List

The Lünendonk List of leading business consulting companies charts the total revenues of international and German consulting providers. For the international service provider category, sufficient detail on German consulting revenues is not available for the rankings to be based solely on these. The classic Lünendonk league table of business consultancies in Germany thus only includes companies which have their roots and the majority of their capital in Germany. These are listed in order of their total revenues.

The multinational business consulting groups whose headquarters or majority shareholdings are abroad feature in a separate overview, Leading International Business Consulting Companies in Germany, which reflects the relevant global consulting revenues and employee numbers, providing they have generated significant revenues (more than €50 million) from business consulting services provided to the German market in 2023. Firms featured here include both the major strategy consultancies and full-service providers, as well as specialist consultancies within the human resources (HR) sector. Revenue figures shown for the Big Four audit firms are those generated exclusively from advisory services.

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The Lünendonk® Survey 2024 “Business Consulting in Germany” contains the results of the 67 business consulting companies surveyed, in the form of a graphical evaluation, commented and classified on the basis of more than three decades of market observation.

The 2024 edition of the survey will be published in July 2024 in German language and can be pre-ordered here. The 2023 survey edition is still available for purchase.


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