Lünendonk List 2022

Leading Facilities Management Companies in Germany

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The Lünendonk List 2022 „Leading Facilities Management Companies in Germany“ is a ranking of the leading facility service providers for infrastructural and technical facility management by domestic sales.

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The Lünendonk® List 2022 „Leading Facilities Management Companies in Germany“

  • presents a ranking of the 25 leading service providers of facility services for infrastructural and technical facility management in terms of domestic sales

  • provides an overview of the players in the German market for facility services and, in addition to domestic sales, also includes total sales and the number of employees working in Germany

  • is an excerpt from the Lünendonk® Survey 2022 “Facilities Management Companies in Germany”, which was published in August 2022.

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The leading facilities management companies in Germany are returning to growth in 2021. With an average increase in sales adjusted for outliers of 3.0 percent, the top 25 service providers are showing growth again after the Covid-19 related decline from the previous year. However, the persistently challenging order situation in parts of the catering business and major staff shortages are dampening market development. This is shown by the central value of the sales development of the top 25, which increased by 4.9 percent.

You can find more information in our press release (in German).

In addition to the contribution of facility service providers to ESG transparency and the fulfillment of sustainability targets, several acquisitions are currently shaping the German facilities services market. The integration of the German-speaking markets is progressing increasingly. Already, some top 25 companies are active in two or all three markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

The companies on the Lünendonk® List are active in several facilities services, including cleaning, security and reception, building services, catering, energy management, contracting and small-scale plant engineering. Many of the market leaders on the Lünendonk® List also offer multiservices from a single source and thus act as a broad-based service partner for different properties.

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Admission criteria for the list and what’s new:

At least 50% of sales are generated from facilities services, at least 66% of sales result from external orders, and at least 66% of facilities service sales consist of infrastructural and technical facility management. Alternatively, at least 66% of sales are generated in competition and sales from external contracts exceed €100.0 million. Adjusted for sales to service companies and consolidated tax groups.

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The Lünendonk® Survey “Facilities Management Companies in Germany” contains all the results of the survey of facility service providers in the form of a graphical evaluation, commented and classified on the basis of many years of market observation.

The new edition of the survey was published in August 2022 in German language and can be ordered here.


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