Lünendonk List 2021

Leading Providers of Digital Experience Services in Germany

Digital Experience Services Liste

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The Lünendonk® List 2021 “Leading Providers of Digital Experience Services in Germany” provides a ranking of the leading full-service providers of digital services with a focus on digital experience services (DXS).

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The Lünendonk® List 2021 “Leading Providers of Digital Experience Services”

  • provides an overview of the full-service providers of digital experience services
  •  presents a ranking of the 20 leading companies in Germany by turnover in this sector
  •  is an excerpt from the Lünendonk® Survey “The Market for Digital Experience Services in Germany”, which was published in October 2021.

When selecting suitable service providers to support digital projects, user companies attach great importance to a full-service portfolio consisting of design and creativity services, consulting and IT competences of the service providers. Lünendonk has compiled this list of the leading providers in this market segment in Germany. On average, the service providers surveyed were able to increase their turnover by 7.0 percent in the Corona year 2020. You can find out how the forecasts for the coming years turn out in the comprehensive Lünendonk® survey. Further details can also be found in the press release.

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Inclusion criteria for the Lünendonk® list:

Lünendonk defines digital experience service providers as full-service providers that generate at least 60 percent of their turnover with services in Germany (e.g. management and IT consultancies, digital agencies) and either at least 30 percent of their total turnover or at least 100 million euros with digital experience services (DXS). In addition, in relation to DXS revenue, at least 10 percent, but no more than 65 percent, must be generated in each of the following three segments:

  • Digital Consulting Services: Support in the development of new business models and innovation consulting, support in the development and optimisation of customer-centric strategies and processes, technology consulting for emerging technologies, support in the development and optimisation of customer-centric strategies and processes, as well as the development of strategies to improve the digital experience along the customer journey and agile structures for the development of digital products.
  • Digital Agency Services: Design of digital experiences (websites, online shops, customer service portals, apps, etc.), development and implementation of multi-/omni-channel strategies, digital marketing services: e.g. performance marketing, programmatic advertising, marketing automation, content management, personalisation; planning, implementation and management of digital content strategies (e.g. social media, websites)
  • Digital Technology Services: Technical implementation, excluding the items listed under “Digital Consulting” and “Digital Agency”, especially software and system integration, software development, development and integration of digital platforms for communication, marketing and sales (e.g. customer experience platforms, e-business, IoT platforms with customer reference) and development and implementation of data insights platforms.

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The Lünendonk® survey “The Market for Digital Experience Services in Germany” includes all results of the survey of 26 digital experience service providers and 108 user companies.

The new edition of the survey has been published and is available for free download in English and German language.


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